A past that leaves its traces in new sounds, a revisited past with new signs and gestures, a new type of music, deeply influenced by the past: this is the theme of this project, focused on “rewriting”. This rewriting is intended to signify the will – and need – to reproduce the characters of traditional music with the addition of new musical ideas, as well as the attempt to recover patterns from the past. This might also entail reproducing them (even in a distorted manner) within a post-modernist experimental perspective, or as a new, unique interpretation. Rewriting is a specific intertextual procedure derived from (and through) the comparison of musical works that recall each other – through a distance of time and space – so that one fragment sheds new light onto another one, by intensifying a character or highlighting a contrast. Either way, this is intended to be an interpretation in its own way.


Entr'Acte Strings Orchestra 

Soloists: Alessandro Cazzato, Silvia Grasso, Carmine Rizzi, Lautaro Acosta

CD live recording

19th June 2014 at Concert Hall "Sala delle Muse", Petruzzelli Theater - Bari (It)

Soundiff Music Label  -