VIOLIN MASTERCLASS 2018 (25th-30th August 2018)
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Recital for Violin Solo
Municipal Conservatory of Thermi/Thessaloniki 
Music by Goffredo Petrassi, Elliott Carter, Paolo Geminiani, Biagio Putignano

Recital for Violin & Electronics
II° Festival "EAR - Electro Acoustic Room" 
27th April 2018 - LAC Lugano 
Music by Joao Pedro Oliveira, Paolo Geminiani

Conference & Concert
"Paths and Forms of Listening. Permanent Seminaries  of Philosophy of Music" 
24th April 2018 - UNICAL Cosenza (It) 
Music by Goffredo Petrassi. With Carlo Serra and Giovanni Piana.


Recital for Violin Solo
New York City - 13th July 2017 - 08.00 pm
Music by Antonio Locatelli, Camillo Sivori, Niccolò Paganini


A past that leaves its traces in new sounds, a revisited past with new signs and gestures, a new type of music, deeply influenced by the past: this is the theme of this project, focused on “rewriting”. This rewriting is intended to signify the will – and need – to reproduce the characters of traditional music with the addition of new musical ideas, as well as the attempt to recover patterns from the past. This might also entail reproducing them (even in a distorted manner) within a post-modernist experimental perspective, or as a new, unique interpretation. Rewriting is a specific intertextual procedure derived from (and through) the comparison of musical works that recall each other – through a distance of time and space – so that one fragment sheds new light onto another one, by intensifying a character or highlighting a contrast. Either way, this is intended to be an interpretation in its own way.



Recital for Violin & Electronics 
10th May 2017 - CCA (Center for Contemporary Arts) of Glasgow 
Music by Joao Pedro Oliveira, Paolo Geminiani, Leonardo Cicala

Recital for Violin & Electronics
Festival "Urticanti" of Contemporary Music  
3th December 2017 - Theater "Kismet", Bari (It)
Music by Joao Pedro Oliveira, Paolo Geminiani, Goffredo Petrassi and Elliott Carter

Masterclass & Recital - Accademia d'Estate Internazionale

Lucca, July 23 – 31, 2016

Academy and Conference for Instrumentalists and Composers Workshop and Live Concerts from Baroque to Contemporary Music Sophisticated conceptual exchanges and guidance with leading International masters & performers in a beautiful medieval setting Istituto Diocesano di Musica "R. Baralli", Lucca.

 Artist direction: Linda Di Martino Wetherill


Recital for Solo Violin - New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival

New York, Abrons Arts Center Playhouse, June 2016

Music by A. Shnittke, P. Glass, P. Geminiani. J. P. Oliveira

Recital for Solo Violin at Spectrum NYC

New York, Avenue Spectrum, June 2016

Concert "Fausto Torrefranca" String Quartet

Music by Martin Palmeri

Lanciano (IT), May 2016

Recital for Solo Violin

Cascais (Pt) - Museu Condes de Castro Guimaraes

Music by J. S. Bach, E. Ysaye, G. Petrassi

Masterclasses & Recitals for Solo Violin

Music by Hindemith, Ysaye, Goffredo Petrassi


Department of Musica - University of Evora (Pt)

Department of Musica - University of Aveiro (Pt)

Masterclass & Recital for Solo Violin

Buenos Aires - University UNA (September 2015)

Concert for Violin and Orchestra

August 2015, San Juan (Ar) - Auditorium "Juan Victoria"

Orchestra Camerata San Juan - Conductor: Marcelo Conca










Violin Teacher at  International Music Festival "RuidalSud"

San Juan (Ar), August 2014