Steve Reich, Violin Phase [1967] for Violin an Tape

Philip Glass, Strung Out [1976] for Amplified Violin

Alfred Schnittke, Praeludium in memoriam D. Schostakowitsch [1978] for Violin and Tape

Luigi Nono, La lontananza utopica nostalgica futura [1988] for Violin and 8 Tapes

Piere Boulez, Anthèmes I [1991] for Violin and Electronics

João Pedro Oliveira, The Fifth Strings [2007] for Violin an Tape

Georges Aperghis, The Only Line [2008] for Violin and Eletronics

João Pedro Oliveira, Magma [2014] for Violin and Tape

Paolo Geminiani, Gesture without motion [2016] for Violin and Live Electronics*

Leonardo Cicala, Utis [2017] for Violin and Tape*

Mehmet Can Ozer, Five or Some Things? [2017] for Violin and Electronics*

Paolo Geminiani, Le metamorfosi di Piktor [2018] for Violin and Tape*


*dedicated to Alessandro Cazzato

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